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  Home Storage. You look around you and are appalled at how quickly the mess has gathered. After all, didn't you just give your home a good scrubbing last spring? And already, a year later, it's a mess again.    

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Storage SolutionsStorage Solutions - Recognizing that many consumers and businesses need more control over what, where, when and how they store the self-storage industry has evolved into a cost-effective, flexible and secure storage solutions alternative.

Home Storage. You look around you and are appalled at how quickly the mess has gathered. After all, didn't you just give your home a good scrubbing last spring? And already, a year later, it's a mess again.

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Every house needs storage space that you can get to easily, that holds a wide variety of items, and that is as flexible as possible. Using a room-by-room guide to the house, you can make the most of your storage space, focusing on four key categories of storage: active, seasonal, dormant, and displayed will help you maximise you home storage.

For example a great place to start you home storage revamp is the children or younger people in your household. These rooms are the most common problem. After cleaning your home, you'll probably have more than enough for a garage sale, so explain to your children/adolecents that whatever toys/belongings they get rid of, they can make money to save up for whatever they want. It's important to include them in this process because you want them to understand the hassles of cleaning, and you can teach them about the value of giving to people in need.

Home Storage

Home Storage

Home Storage

The Not So Big House A Healthy House The Home Storage Book

All books available at Amazon.com, see links to the right, or click on the book above to purchase now

Creative home storage help. Decorated empty coffee cans, chip cylinders and cookie tins or wooden craft boxes make great looking storage containers that can be used in virtually any room in the house. Boxes can be decorated with left over wall paper scraps, colored corrugated paper and twine or sponge art. Be sure and label your items when the boxes are finished! Decorative screens are a popular way to define a room space or maintain privacy. Adding fabric pockets to the panels are a fun way to add storage options. Use the pockets to organize magazines, newspaper, unopened mail and get your home storage project of to a good start.

Under the home storage title are the rest of the rooms in the house. Bathroom towels can be stored attractively stacked and rolled up in a oversized wicker basket. Towels or magazines can also be hung from an antique wooden ladder in your bathroom. Use wall mounted baskets attached to shelf brackets for a attractive shelf that can hold bathroom supplies or home office paperwork. This is just the beginning of home storage, see links provided. Be creative and try to think of alternative uses for normal household items and you will be surprised at the simple storage solutions you can come up with.

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Vinyl Storage BuildingVinyl Storage Building - Great for home and garden storage, easily attached to you home, placed on there own or to have a feature in you home.

Presents Direct - Check out their house and home section for creative storage furniture and devices. www.presentsdirect.com

Welcome to IKEA.com - The IKEA business idea is to offer a wide range of home furnishings with good design and function at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. And still have money left!. www.ikea.com

My Great Home - The online resource for manufactured and modular home owners. www.mygreathome.com

Space Limited - SpaceLimited.com is presently a non-profit project dedicated to promote the awareness of storage ideas, home organization and space management - present some solutions and suggest some available resources to counter limited space problems. Great book and magazine section. Recomended link. www.spacelimited.com

Amazon.com: Welcome - Start a search under home storage and find a selection of books available that will help you organise your home for the best. www.amazon.com

Suite101 - One of the most common cries for help from small-space renters is the need for more room. While you can't always move into a larger place, the next best thing is to maximize the space you have now. www.suite101.com